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  1. Swift check from above, since one lost early in December all alive so far. There are couple more which are on the edge, but according to varroa strike majority seem normal.. I must keep mouth shut ?
  2. At this part of world we have little time to relax while expecting to 2020. finish.. Now we are 2 hours in 2021. aaand I must say this person who invented six packs is mean person.. We were emptying them really fast.. But for once in the year we are on the loose.. Tomorrow reset into new season.. What didn't kill us last season made us stronger.. Take care for loving ones, worrying about things that you can't change won't do you or yours any good. Life is too short, enjoy it..
  3. My dad and kid were on the property when happen second one today. Dad thought our barn will fall apart, but somehow it withstood. Where I work, whole building got cracks in concrete floors, walls, but supports seems remained whole.. Yesterday it lasted couple seconds, today about 30 secs..
  4. When I thought this year is finally over we got 2 earthquakes ( 5,2 and 6,2 Richter) some 70km away from us, also some minor ones.. We did got shook but so far I must be quiet. Near the epicenter, these people were hit bad, this second which happen today took some lives unfortunately.. We have few more days in 2020., so this might not be over yet ?
  5. Maybe it is too late, but this is what I use: https://www.greenhasitalia.com/fertilizers/drin/
  6. Something like that, but hits instant. Some people which can't controll themselves end under the table fast.. In cold days it warms you fast and relax. I rather take schnapps than pills.. This autocorrect on mobile phone is killing me, it changes all I write to something else.. have to check all I wrote..
  7. Forgot sold all the honey for decent price, if increase own consumption of honey, I will have to buy from local beeks who still have little honey left - that ALSO I wish You all the same..
  8. Well Jamesc.. I am under influence of warm schnapps aaand I better to don't talk for long. I will try to be short, fogyish weather, treated with OA, seems conditions to it work are superb. Like in some really old American movie " Damn torpedoes, full speed ahead". Jamesc, try warm schnapps instead of voltaren ( recently I got strange headache, I took dose of warm schnapps - I felt like dliverance ? ). While I am in good mood all the best to beeks all over the world, full speed into New Year ( don't look back) ?
  9. Thanks. It is good from time to time to get in contact with such lovely persons to remind me where I live, to not relax too much..
  10. What a blackmail.. Like once I was searching for a job and at one interview job offerer said if I am selected to get appointed for it I have to sign a paper where is written if I quit after some time the employer gets my house ( at the moment, house is on my parents, not me but same..). The reason why is he searching for this that he will invest in my further education and professional improvement.. What a nutcracker. Of course I said bye, bye..
  11. Yesbut answered. I have these days perfect conditions, still very humid, cluster tight. I expect to hit those claimed 98% varroa kill. ?
  12. The crucial is to be broodless, next is to be tight cluster for some time to OA in social contact pass through cluster. In researches is found in favored conditions efficiency of 95-98% of varroa elimination. So this come as important thing in start of season that colonies start " clean". About VSH.. I didn't do myself research of VSH traits, I only noticed some colonies which were extremely strong and yet little varroa fall off in accordance to other standard size ones. This hasn't to be due VSH, but was interesting to me. For VSH playing I need more time and will of course..
  13. Today I finished OA. Conditions were ideal: around 4C, tight cluster, broodless, high humidity.
  14. It cost me from China around 20nzd if remembered right.. We had about 10 days before a little snow, afterward came rain and washed it. Day temps are below 10C these days, conditions are right for OA dribble. Vaporization is here rarely used. As I read some researches, vaporization is effective in a bit loose cluster, for tight clusters is dribble better. Tomorrow will be 4C, decent for me.
  15. Automatic refill syringe ( veterinary), 5ml ( per seam of bees). Oxalic acid trickle/ dribble - don't know which term You use..
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