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  1. Have you noticed that I removed my contact details from my profile. I was horrified to learn that beeks were getting my details from here and calling wanting Laminates/ staples. You worry about your business and Ill look after mine. You are over dramatizing a tad here. What Beeks cant do is manufacture overlock or stitch cellulose products for commercial use That includes over board and single layer cardboard. The sole reason they cannot do this is because they did not invent it. However anyone can use the system for non commercial purposes Remember Anyone can make a laminate with a single row of stitch for commercial use
  2. One thing I never ever do is Bluff There have been times when I should have but its not in my character. If I say there are Patents then you would be extremely well advised to believe me.
  3. That about sums it up. However, My IP does not include anything to do with OA/GL or any other chemicals. It does not have any exclusion rights whatsoever over what beekeepers may construct for non commercial use. It does however have a strong focus on using stitch and other barriers to chewing Its probably worth noting also that there really is no such thing as a Gib staple "Gib" is a Trade Mark belonging to Winstone Wall Boards and a Staple is a descriptive term relating to a U shape. Its a device with no name. Its not reasonable to expect Winstones Wall Boards to tolerate this use of their Brand and I consciously refrain from it .
  4. In order that everyone can carry on discussing their home made alternatives they will benefit from an understanding of the limitations. That's one point . Another point is that nothing justifies sensationalism with regard gun ownership. I would have expected better leadership from you Grant
  5. Security is one issue and structural rigidity is another. Its very easy to brace side walls but when a structure has doors in the ends or is completely open at each end then bracing is more complex. This is because braces are often incorporated into walls. James will be fine but he just needs to think things through carefully.
  6. As the intelligent man that you are I doubt that you really believe that, My advice would be that if you are really concerned about what you can and cant do then seek some advice. I view your reference to guns as mischievous and irrelevant.
  7. All these paper, cardboard, overboard type materials can be characterized as wood pulp or cellulose based. These are the most common materials used but other fibrous materials might be used. Even polymers, or maybe not
  8. My point about cantilevered pole was in relation to severe lateral forces in many earthquakes. Its looks like a moderately heavy structure and if the poles move with the ground but are not rigid enough to shift the roof at the same rate then the vertical load which is constant is in effect being carried by sloping poles. The risk which in my view is significant given the location can be mitigated with inexpensive wall bracing. If one end of the shed had large doors then attention must be paid to getting effective bracing into that line. Its all doable and cheap James and most of it is intuitive
  9. Good to get that out of the way. Far more important than the type of cellulose device used is the type of solution used and for anyone who wants to do some experiments Id suggest heating a very small batch of solution to a temp over 100deg C and doing a sticky board test. Safety is paramount so take all necessary steps to protect yourself and others. A small quantity of solution in sauce bin on a hot plate could have the cellulose dropped in with a minimum of handling and pouring. Just heat the solution, turn off the heat and drop the strips in, let cool. Note. This may produce 5% Formic acid.
  10. You are 100% correct on the pinking shears Oma. The advice Ive offered to all so far is designed to help people not hinder them. I fully understand the Kiwi way of wanting to have a go themselves and in fact I fully support that. There have been Beeks doing DIY staples / Laminates and other ways for about 130 of the 167 pages of this thread Before that there were lots of Beeks using cardboard and they still are using cardboard. I dont remember it ever being an issue, there were great photos posted of Mum and the kids making Staples of Gib paper. So what changed?
  11. From memory and Im not going to check on a Sunday, the edge and intermediate protection against chewing of a cellulose device was so novel that the scope of the claims were able to go well beyond the use of stitch.
  12. What do you reckon about his cantilever poles at 1m deep? Id be inclined to brace the wells very well. Especially across the end walls. Thats a heavy structure and it is going to be vulnerable to lateral earthquake loads. Brace it really well, Bracing can be cheap so over engineer all bracing. One would hope the poles are H5, H4 is not good enough but wouldn't keep me awake at night.
  13. Why not just use ova board? As for stitching the thing to resist chewing, without seeming like a kill joy have you considered that this aspect is a significant part of the laminated Paper Tape IP. Why not work on another method to resist chewing because using stitching has already been done. The scope of the chewing protection claims in the IP include any cellulose device. You may as well start off the facts, consider the info a genuine heads up.
  14. James is going to look at that Doc and be no better off. His shed is so remote from the code that he needs practical advice. Im sure you can do a bit better without incriminating yourself How deep are those poles in the ground and do they have a foot on them? The Buck stops with the foundations
  15. Strap each roof plane with multiple strands of HT fence wire or preferably steel strapping like this pattern "X" Make sure that your portal posts (wall post) are deep enough to resist horizontal loads (wind and earthquake) Would be a very good idea to strap brace some of the walls as well. Google it How to brace a shed
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