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  1. All good here thanks, trailer works well just suffering from lack of use. The lifter works really well the power feed to the winch needs to be heavier duty other than that it's good.
  2. Just put woolly hat on and now sun's come out...most concrete loads cancelled today. Bee populations high in hives had two swarms return to there hives on weekend. One hive in town 3/4 box honey already.
  3. I soak my frames in a 200 ltr drum of water until I get around to it weeks/ months, old brood frames after a long soak clean up really well with a cold water blast..it's a messy job.
  4. We don't do the cool down faze to its full extent, was dipping in a bucket of water before next hive but kept forgetting to bring bucket so developed another way that will probably cook the vapouriser eventually. ..hence the use of a gas marsk.
  5. After some discussion that was the recommendation.
  6. To day I bought a couple of respirators for wife and myself they've got cartridges on them for gas vapours, Someone was sitting on a hive one day while it was being vapourised then a few days later there was some trouble in the ladies department ... and apparently a respirator is going to prevent that from happening again
  7. We have two and they work very well, you do have to be careful with them as in make sure hive entrances are big enough to insert vapouriser. HD floors are pretty hard on them so I swapped back to all wooden floors to increase effectiveness. Any floors with ventilation the bees can fan the vapour out very quickly. The spade on the vapouriser can get a bit loose and wobbly but they still work fine, we run around with two car battery's two vapourisers seven sites 78 hives in less than a day. That's how we do it anyway.
  8. The bees will propolise the swivels open especially the piece inside the hive, they do the same with HD floors being plastic it's easier break the propolis. Wood can brake trying to get it unstuck. However if shifting hives regularly there shouldn't be a problem.
  9. Well this is all very interesting, just lately we've been doing some very big concrete jobs on dairy farms all to do with compliance eg: effluent storage and containment. On farms with large herds of cows these effluent storage tanks have been using up to 150 m3 of concrete just in the floors = 30 truck loads. We can visit three or four farms a day all around the Waikato and we've recently been as far as Turangi, there are no restrictions on our movements and with the wet weather we've been up to our axles in the green stuff spreading it everywhere....this may all change, more than likely it's to late .
  10. The carless day stickers I had one for Sunday ( orange) and a purple one for Monday or Thursday can't remember and all petrol stations closed on weekends.
  11. Check out the old rego stickers, wonder if it was on the road when we had carless days ?? Might have been exempt .
  12. There's a requirement people have to meet before they can drive on the road...
  13. Your paint supplyer should have a colour swatch book in Agricoles (guess that's how you found the blue). Some yellows don't cover very well as in some times you have to use a tinted primer of similar colour to help with coverage of top coat. Hopefully you should be able to fined a colour yellow in the machinery colour line similar to ezyloader. Just trying to think what the World company and country colour charts are called...anyway plenty to choose from, then just a matter of what type of paint you want to use. Colours can be matched from photos or at least very close to the one you want. Show paint supplyer ezyloader website and go from there.
  14. Plenty of hives then not much of a problem, the hives you've united should be left untouched for a couple of weeks to let the bee's settle in there's nothing you can do about the queen situation now. A pretty good chance one queen will survive . Just give them some time...
  15. Not the end of the world JasonK, the main thing is to get them through winter. The hives you put together with paper will sort them selves out as long as they have varroa under control and plenty of stores.Then start again in spring.
  16. Chassis galvanised??? Couldn't help but think "hot dipped " but then I remember you explained the process in a past post, hope you are happy with the end result.
  17. We have two Tritons 4x4 one auto and one manual 5 speed, both double cab the auto has a wellside deck it does the the shopping city driving and long trips . Manual one has a flat deck and dose the beekeeping and getting me to work and general mucking around . The automatic utes are a really great combination of easy to drive and get around in with the capability of going off road. My work has three utes for piloting wide loads the one with the auto is the favorite.
  18. Other way round, you can't get rego with out a current wof
  19. I guess Mahindra still have a way to go in regards to improving the durability of there metal protection systems much the same as the Japanese car industry has improved from the 70's through to now. As the quality and durability of a product improves this is reflected in purchase price.
  20. The north Islands climate is very hard on many metal protection systems, humidity being the main problem and coastal areas.
  21. What's with this 2mb thing , can't load photos??
  22. Whent on to apiweb last night with my new password and found one of my sites highlighted in Red and it was confirmed by text then later by email this morning
  23. That's exactly how it works, I had to redo mine the other night..then you put in your new password twice and hopefully still remember that one in twelve months time. The forgot password option worked really quickly.
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