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  1. @Grant what are the rules about administering drugs/medications to other people. As business owners I understand we cant give our staff panadol etc. When I was a Barnardos caregiver/ some long time ago, we werent allowed to give medications to children. I had one stung by a bee and only just made it to North shore hospital, begged his mum on the phone to let me give him antihistamine she did, but he was unconscious by the time I arrived.
  2. Fun tonight I travelled 2 hours back with load 40-70km most of the way, I got the easy job the men are still out there, saw quite a few loaded vehicles. Oh and hubby got a phone call early afternoon that he needed to put some hives back together. What happened? The post hole man knocked them over in the pouring rain. Well we didnt get there till 4-30, luckily each one had 2 boxes bees think they kept themselves warm, were fiesty enough when we put them together. This wasnt in a pokey area, they were on the edge of a big gravel turning bay. Some people ... Enjoy.
  3. Hi @john berry Feel a bit silly with this suggestion to such a long time beek. But what we are finding is changes from hive to hive and site to site and it seems to be what there stores consist of. They came through the winter well but now there are big differences in hives and sites. All the best have little or no willow crystallized dew. They are pumping. Then it starts going downhill depending on the level of crystallization in the honey. We have come to the conclusion that some are wearing themselves out and failing to thrive just plowing through all those crystals much of which is chucked out. And we are thinking that some are actually starving even with good stores so we have taken to scrapping some of the frames to get a clear picture of what is under the honey caps. Some sugar syrup helps them get a move on with laying and expanding and also it seems with cleaning out the crystals. So site to site other than the occasional one with corrorapa, Queen-less, or drone layer and we feel our problems depend on what they stored at the end of last season. Just a suggestion and I don't know how much willow dew you have down there.
  4. At the moment I have paid Phil to mix mine, due to the fact We have been down sizing on staff and cant do everything ourselves. but do believe that as we have to keep cost cutting I will need to end up learning to do my own thereby saving more money and maybe even 1 day make my own strips. However Phil provides a very good service,
  5. This is where we have to be careful how we give advice. So going into winter - with you scenario. Firstly all my treatments were in by the end of the first week of march so they were started in Feb 3 frames of brood nearly packed down with 3/4 box bees equal 2 staples, (as long as brood only on the 3 frames and in one box. But 3 frames worth of brood stretched over 5-6 frames and maybe 1 and a half boxes bees could easily have 3-4 staples. i walked away from the hives at lock down. Got rid of last staff (no money left to keep paying over winter) so hives sat there from end of march. did some weight checks on a couple of sites staff had fed and not been happy with. (they got a late flow). 1/3 hives had staples other 2/3 had apistan (staff wouldnt/couldnt use staples (got infected sinus and days off) Have done all staple sites and a few Apistan sites both hubby and I happy with what we are seeing. (hubby been sick the last 2 years and only just getting back into work...yay. So as we are going around and removing the staples and putting more in are pulling out a total of 2-6 staples per hive with the odd 7 and not many had 2. I dont find 2 and think oh no pmp/varroa I am finding good treatment calls. Dead outs are about 3 starved, 6 drone layers, 6 corrorapa (which I am happy with as I didnt do our autumn preventative schedule, and a couple of those were marked weak so no surprises). have done about 250 so far.
  6. Mild till now, long dry spells and warm
  7. Last year we sold some hives that were treated with staples, the other beek rejected some and a few of their comments were they looked as though they were over treated. We are running 2 high brood in full depth boxes. At the end of the season treated according to brood numbers. 1 staple over every 2nd frame of brood. Have been very happy how they have come through the winter. Still learning but like ox staples.
  8. Is that normal time for you to start staple treatment. I have been surprised that most of our staples are hardly touched. Am really happy with what I am seeing with staples. We are putting staples in this round but doing it according to brood numbers allowing for a couple of weeks expansion before the next round.
  9. Arohamai. We lost hives like that years ago, devastating when you open them up and they are filled with mud, dead and alive bees. Take a mate with you better than going on your own.
  10. Hi Ben, so how often do you vaporise. i.e. 1) how many times a year 2) How far apart? 3)Have you ever lost a hive to PMS (Varroa)
  11. Well I just got sucked into checking their website, didnt see any.
  12. So far my O/A treatments have shown that I had to learn how to use it and the hives do well on it. Can be knocked back if the hive has a very high mite loading, however with the sick bees gone it has a good recovery chance. In which case if the losses have been to high add a couple of frames of brood and it will do good. My opinion a good product to learn to use and necessary in our choice of products to use. I am very happy with the results. Was talking to a beek who only put in half the necessary staples and lost a lot of hives. My suggestion same would have happened if he had used synthetics.
  13. I was told just before lock down that councils have identified areas for mass graves, diggers and lime. By someone in the know. anyone else heard that.
  14. They have a plan. Shed is not in use so goes the shopping for 3 days, if it can be washed with soap and water it will be, they have set out protocols for washing closes self and everything when they come back in the house. Hubby has health issues, their aim keep their father alive. When the son gets to the house clothes off and into the open washing machine the he into the shower. that is after gloves and mask off at the shed and hands washed in soap and water there first. Thankfully they are dead serious about it. They know my story from when I was nursing and on night duty and had my first case of norovirus and how virulent that was.
  15. I understand Bron, 3 adult sons living at home told us we are over 60 so not allowed out. Only they are doing the shopping. All good I always keep a good pantry and the preserving jars are all full. But I am more than happy to let them take control with the shopping. Enjoy
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