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  1. So it sounds like a nice to have owner but not a requirement. Thanks and I guess I'm on my own
  2. Hi all Hope all well with bees. Quick question. I do a few AFB checks for people in my local area. I thought the bee keeper needs to be present and pass me frames. Is this the case or am I wrong. I don't mind doing it all but it is alot quicker if the owner is there opening hives and moving boxes.
  3. The 2 queens arrived yesterday. The kids got them out of the letter box after school, the ants had found them, a few dead bees in one of the cages. Both cages installed in nucs I made up the day before.
  4. Hi there Thanks for that. I reported to EPA on Saturday via there website and called the MPI hotline number provided, they were great. Bees from both sites in the freezer and they said they will contact me tomorrow re inspection for exotic disease and poisoning tests on frozen bees. Avocado orchidist at site keen for testing but I think now it could have been a bad food week. All the hives seem to build up so fast and use all their stores relying on good weather for food. A windy wet week and the hives are big, full of broad and lots of hungry mouths. Spoke to our main cropper, no spray harmful to bees going on. I will check lounges tomorrow thanks. Tounges
  5. Hi all Home hives with dead bees had nectar but no capped honey, heaps of bees. I have been lifting to check weight, all the weight was brood not food. Thanks for the help. All now fed.
  6. Hi there, A half if that and fresh nectar, dripping from a few frames when I went through today. Two of the home hives as well, just found the same but not as many bees, I will check their stores in the am, the fact that there is drones in the dead bees I guess may mean a lack of food as they would not be on crops to be sprayed.
  7. All looks fine, queen laying, stores average for this time of year, 2 brood boxes. Bees covering all frame in bottom and 8 frames in top. Strongest hive in this lot. Had the same the thing last year in this aipary. No dead bees the day before.
  8. Hi all Thoughts please, happened over the space of 1 day, Pukekawa. I am thinking sprayed.
  9. I was wondering if the mould was due to putting the boxes in the freezer for 24 to 48 hours before storing for the winter. I guess when I do that any pollen or old brood would be damp from the freezing and go mouldy. The garage is dry. Mould is better than wax moth.
  10. Thanks, will do. Compost it is.
  11. Hi there Will bees clean up or too much pollen and mold? Covers 3/4 of frame. I'm thinking a redo.
  12. I guess if you were needing 2 queens for each participant and say they wanted 100 study pairs, that's alot of resources to get those queens mated before sending them.
  13. Hi all I had a fantastic time at the NZ bee conference at Waikato University last month and won some great raffle prizes. I signed up to be part of a research looking at queens with veroa cleaning traits. Looking at 1 with and 1 without this. It will be fascinating to see how the 2 colonies do. I won't know which is which queen but they will have a different mark each. I will let you know how they get on through the season. I will be collecting data on how the hive and queens do.
  14. Thanks for the info, I didn't know about the east west is the best...or the norm on pallets. ?
  15. Hi, quick question, four hives on a pallet, does the one facing south do worse than the others that get more morning sun and shelter from wind ? I have three per pallet at present, have not been using pallets for long.
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