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  1. Thanks for sharing David. Great to know I'm not the only one to get caught out. I must also say that the supplier has shown concern and is being very helpful.
  2. Hi John, I have not posted much on here but do have a read now and then thought I would put my 5 cents worth in as this is something I have encountered this season. We used Apitraz last Autumn (2019) successfully and have used Apivar for many Autumns prior to then with no problems. We use this product in the Autumn due to the withholding period. This season we stuck with the same treatment program throughout the year but with a totally different outcome. We were still seeing mites and losing some hives after 4 to 5 weeks of Apitraz going in and bee numbers were dwindling so we moved strips as the brood nests had shrunk. After 10 weeks we were still seeing mites and deformed wing etc and loosing hives. Sugar shakes at this stage confirmed that we had a problem. I don't think re-invasion was an issue but in my experience re-invasion with treatments in your ok. Re-invasion without treatments in spells trouble At this stage (week 10), and rather late I must admit, we started replacing Apitraz with whatever we had on hand (Bayvarol and Apivar) until we could lay our hands on more Bayvarol. Within a short time things improved. The interesting thing to note here is that even the hives that were re-treated, effectively with the same chemical, improved. This leads me to believe I can rule out resistance to amatraz? Which leads me to wonder if I have received a faulty batch of Apitraz?? I would be interested to know how your friend got on and if he has recovered ok. If your friend happens to know what the batch number is on his packets I would be interested to know if we have the same batch numbers. I suppose one thing I have learned from this is not to put all your faith and trust the products you use and monitor more frequently. (should have listened to Randy) Keen to here any thoughts.
  3. That is mostly what is going on and as the smaller guys are being squeezed out. All this is causing some to lose their morals and do what it takes to survive. It is all turning ugly fast. What ever happened to etiquette?? I even have trouble spelling it now.
  4. Merk, I congratulate you for being honest and up front with your landowners and paying fair royalties. Keep up the good work but never take for granted that your landowners are happy. Whats happening in my neck of the woods is everyone seems to be trying to out do each other. Even though you are paying a good honest fair return someone will be knocking on landowner doors putting doubt in their minds and offering a little bit more of a carrot. Land owners and beekeepers with the same morals as you are few and far between these days. Your % rates sound fair but I have heard as much as 25-35% being offered. I also believe as you do that these "dealers" are much more likely to falter in a poor season.
  5. Sorry if my comments offended you. Maybe it came across wrong. I thought my advice was sound. I was trying to be helpful and add a bit of my humour. Btw I don't think he has a beekeeper.
  6. Thanks, Trying to become more techno savy.
  7. There are many different deals going out there, and with all the competition there are some deals being offered that are too good to be true. My advice would be to talk to your other land owners in your area. Chances are one or two of them have been burnt. Try to find a beekeeper that has cropped in your area as there are some new comers that have no idea of what the activity and yields will be in your area so may let you down when the crop does not meet their expectations. At the end of the day, contract or no contract, you will need to put a lot of trust in your beekeeper so choose wisely. What area on E.cape are you? I could recommend a good trustworthy beekeeper if you want to pm me. lol
  8. If only I had the time to drink more beer:) lol
  9. Thanks again. THE SCORES Electric - 0 Water - 1 Geothermal - I wish
  10. Well so far I understand that I need to put down an insulated concrete slab. Expol do a product that is very high density that is suitable for heavy loads. I thought that electric cable heating would do but I have been told that it is limited to it's heat output and is expensive to run. But I understand that water heating can be expensive to install and needs maintenance and I only extract for about 10-14 weeks. Walls and ceiling would be 150mm chiller panel. I have found fan heaters that have 6-9kW outputs that I would use to circulate heat. I would just need a good sparky to put all heating on a thermostat so I don't burn the shed down. With concrete you only get one chance to get it right so I think I should get some quotes and good advice on the floor heating. Any other thoughts?
  11. If you worry about this too much you won't get much beekeeping done.
  12. Thanks , We are palletised so should get reasonably good air flow.
  13. Thanks Tristan, Good info. What do you mean by electric elements popping?
  14. Unfortunately not were I am but wouldn't that be nice.
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