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  1. Seems as though there's someone in Canterbury telling farmers they should pay him to check the hives they're paying a pollination fee for are up to scratch - not sure how he could legally go through someone else's hives, but it's on his website. Maybe he should add "check for blue dots" to the list From the website (content copied directly, including the typos etc): Beekeeping Services | DaDs Bees WWW.DADSBEES.CO.NZ Pollination Hive Auditing worried that your pollination hives are not preforming? I can offer and Audit Report on hive strength and performance. Your paying good money for Pollination Bees Hives, you need ensure that service is for fulled correctly and as per contract, This audit will compare your contract to what the hive is protecting you and ensuring your getting what you have paid for!
  2. There are two recently arrived hives in a paddock across the road from my favourite apiary. A week ago they had been knocked over by stock, and sorted by a guy working on that farm who didn't have the beekeeper's contact number (or a beesuit) - he checked in to see if they were mine after he'd stacked them back up. Today a stack of empties in my apiary had new bees in it, spotted a nicely marked queen. Made me think, yet again, that I should mark my queens. Guess extra bees is an upside of nearby hives. Downside is that someone who has two hives, and one of them swarming this time of year isn't a great sign
  3. This video might be of interest? It's the short doco on the afb sniffer dog https://vimeo.com/190422712
  4. Agree. My read = bad luck settlers, and not much sympathy to them
  5. Are they 3/4 or full depth boxes? Regardless, I'd do the following: 1 - Leave the strips in 2 - Add another box of the same size, no queen excluder 3 - Move a couple of in use frames to this new box
  6. Irony? I have some hives at the end of a dead end road, only three landowners within several km. Farm manager of the land across the road (great guy) advised that some hives recently installed on land he manages have been knocked over by stock. He got in touch in case they were mine, landowner didn't give him the details. I'll go check tomorrow I guess, sort them if needed, maybe even track down the owner and let them know
  7. useless pic for @jamesc taken today, should give the general idea. Getting close to my height limit for working safely. Ten undrawn full depth frames in the stack, and another about half a box of frames not yet filling up. A lot of nectar and capped honey on board. Pohutukawa has kicked off. Will be taking honey off it rather than going any higher...
  8. what was the rationale behind burning the old frames?
  9. sounding good! 40kg sounds fairly heavy, i've had some pretty full boxes that made my body protest a bit, but hope not to encounter anything that weights that much!
  10. same general situation as the background hive in this pic, but full depth rather than 3/4. And painted boxes. I'll try and enlist a photographer for the community garden stack situation next time i go through them.
  11. yesterday a near neighbour came around and we made him up a six frame nuc - he got the queen, a few frames of capped brood, a couple of frames full of nectar just starting to be capped, and a pollen/honey frame. My garden hive will sort itself out a new queen soon enough. Then carried it over to his place, and went through the hive he already had. That hive was in a bit of trouble in October as he hadn't treated varroa, chucked in some bayvarol and then a fortnighly capped brood frame booster - thriving now. Today, went through a couple of community garden hives. Seems something happened to the queen in one of them, judging from the lack of fresh brood and a few emergency cells. Might slow it down a bit. The other is booming, seems that a full depth box of undrawn frames less than two weeks ago should have been two boxes - almost fully drawn and largely capped already. Gave it another box today, and will add another sometime soon - didn't have enough spares with me! It's getting to be a high enough stack that the next boxes might have to be 3/4 only - I prefer not to lift full depth boxes above head height..
  12. no difference in managing dwv/varroa in a topbar hive or a langstroth hive. It's nothing to do with the queen. Agree with previous replies = find out what the varroa load is now. If not already sorted, then get the varroa under control, and keep it under control. Some people manage varroa successfully with oxalic vapour treatments only, some don't.
  13. firstly, respect for your intent, a lot! secondly, i've been involved in extracting and jarring up a bit of honey for donation to a foodbank. Dropping it off felt all kinds of amazing. thirdly, there might be an option in wellington. Common unity project based in epuni do some honey sales, i've had some involvement with them. I'll follow up with them and reply here, but it won't be until next week - sorry, life etc. Alternatively, you could touch base with them directly yourself - tell them dave h suggested it if you want, in which case any awkwardness would fall on me. Flick me a message if you want, happy to chat
  14. my read is that might be one reason, but plenty more. Don't think Denis did poorly finding some incompetent types at TRONT to sell a story too. As for those who bought the story - probably in blood.line jobs for life and will never be held to account
  15. Yes. Avoid it if it doesn't have a honey gate. One afternoon/evening I put six boxes through a manual two frame plastic extractor I got from Catlins honey. It's still the extractor I use. Bit inefficient, but suits my purposes for now. Comes down to volume of honey you expect to extract, access to willing helpers, process, and how much time you have. I'm debating a bigger electric extractor, but can't really justify it to myself for about half a tonne of honey per year
  16. No experience, but aware that it seems a fairly saturated market with reducing demand
  17. dunedin club used to be good, likely still is. where in dunedin are you? i've still got some involvement with some hives out at tomahawk, although not down there all that often
  18. for hobbyists like me, i can see no material direct downside to me resulting from the change, and plenty of possible direct upsides. Possible indirect downside, but that's very speculative. I can see that the impact could be quite different for people with more than a handful of hives, but will avoid commenting on that in favour of letting people who actually have a clue on that front do the talking.
  19. Went through a couple of community garden hives today, good to feel the weight of some completely capped full depth boxes of honey. A week or so back I went through a near neighbour's hive, it's in salvage mode after he didn't chuck varroa treatment in until late October. Happy to speed up its recovery with a couple of frames of capped brood from the hive in my garden - want his to be up to speed now that the pohutukawa is starting to pop!!
  20. I hope this is a hypothetical, not a nice picture and I hope anyone facing this situation finds/has good support. Only a couple of ideas that spring to mind, not sure if any use but i'll list them just in case talk to the geographically near commercial beekeepers and see if something can be arranged? perhaps those who supported in putting in treatments might be able to provide useful ideas/brainstorming? is there some way that the apprenticeship scheme and some associated subsidies that were posted on here a while back might yield some sort of options?
  21. yup, they sell a "creamed vanilla", suspect they'd be in trouble with their 100% honey claim if anyone dug even a tiny bit into their seemingly false "pure honey" labelling...
  22. no pesky requirement for any manuka in the blend, easy to fortify with some basic chemistry, etc
  23. i've been middle back-seat passenger saved by a lap-belt in a high speed head on colliion, broken two bike helmets, and broken one climbing helmet. maybe i should buy an epipen?
  24. i won't edit your post and add an fyp (fixed your post). But is there also an element of "plastic is for mono-manuka"?
  25. Going to end up renamed as the purple bikini thread
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