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  1. Quality will be well down around here with only 50%flowering and Yo-Yo weather.
  2. Surely the total value of 470 big ones would be made up mostly of buyers export declarations more so than what goes into beekeepers pockets.. most guys I know sell to buyers who then either add value and export or add a zero and export .. that big wheels got lots of small cogs turning it.
  3. I’ve got plenty new growth without buds, south facing areas although still very patchy are better than north facing.. a fair bit of energy went into the heavy bloom here last year I recon this year it’s taking a breather.
  4. I get the bees right in amongst the scrub really avoid having them fly any distance this really pays off in strong nor west wind , they still get out and about just stay close to home. Last season we had 2 weeks of gales as soon as they went in but still put good weight on..
  5. Was it poor flowering or good flowering during that bad wet patch of weather through November caused it Maru? my spot has poor flowering this year, last year was heavy bloom with great tests, still shifting more in tonight tho, glad to see the thick clover looking like it’s done it’s dash..
  6. Jimmys burnt that much fossil fuel driving back and forth to the bees he’s not too sure if he’s lookin at the sun setting in the west or rising in the east..
  7. Possibly hunting for Manuka sites.. wink wink
  8. There’s another outfit does them too pretty sure they’re up your way.. Cant quite remember there name at the mo.. blackducks are the ducks nuts tho.. they will hold a half litre of water on the passenger seat no problem..!
  9. Not sure but certainly possible.. half of ours went to the EU in drums the other half was packed and labelled here which I think is cool.. I’d like all our honey packed into jars In NZ .. who knows where the drums end up and with what..
  10. @Wildflowerim guessing you will be surrounded with green clover laden pasture possibly under pivot irrigation as well, this weather we are getting now hot, calm and humid with an abundance of forage sources should mean you could open up your hives without a suit .. I will go as far to suggest the temper issues may be genetic.. I worked veil less today the bees are working hard on a heavy flow.
  11. Could go either way.. wouldn’t take much for little nz to get tangled up in this web...
  12. Kanuka pouring in round here as we strip them down give them fresh empties and move them into the scrub, there’s more clover flowering than Manuka scrub this year so fingers are crossed for some multi at least. hives shifted in 7days ago have good weight already around 7-10kg. finally getting constant heat .. happy bees happy me.
  13. Well I suppose if it was easy .. everybody would be doing it ..
  14. Few yrs ago at last job we had sites down the coast, one load of bees was mistakenly unloaded at the wrong spot in the bush.. after working those bees a few times we received an email from the department asking for them to please be moved... within 2 months. We had a bit of a laugh as that would have given us the honey flow there.. but moved them anyway. another time the driver mistook the roadies gravel site as the bee site, dropped them off and very next day we received a call... “ move them tonight or we will push em into the bush with the loader” they got moved quick too.
  15. thanks for the tip @jamesc... see how the plans turn out..
  16. Of course loss of honey production due to swarming affects the bottom line no matter if you are a 2 hive hobbyist or 300 hive commercial.. then there is the labour/treatment and other associated costs of working that hive up to the point it swarmed... and beyond, then unfortunately later on in the season those swarms lost out into the area can rebound back and bite you once again as they collapse with pests and diseases, the quadruple edged sword or the gift that keeps on giving.. nice fresh Queen every season buys a bit of a buffer... so does basic timing. Then there are those that just don’t bother with requeening or swarm control for that matter just letting nature take its course, this method does hold some merit due to the very low labour input which must balance out with equally low income from those post swarm hives along with the added reinvasion bonus.
  17. Believe me when I say more hives is not the cure for stress ? more HOLIDAYS is a good start
  18. Cripes you two must have webbed feet by now.. righto I’m thinking I need to sort a site or two for my ladies to work from if you all think it will turn red over there.. @Bighands I’m happy to swap sites with you if you’d like to produce some extremely rare and valuable Canterbury Beech Forest Honeydew..
  19. There it is.. ask and thou shall receive
  20. Definately pretty gutting receiving monthly storage invoices for pallets of honeydew drums ..
  21. Sitting here with matchsticks keeping me eyes open burning the candle both ends with shifting.. .. Had a chuckle wondering to myself how much of that honey sample came out the end of the syrup hose.. ? .. am I about to get the wooden spoon..? edit to add.. great effort on the Foulbrood battle at Gowanlee James.. it’s a massive undertaking to clean up especially bordering the deadly red zone..
  22. I posted my comment then realised there was another page of your days bee work and second queen. looks perfect.
  23. @Wildflower the best way to learn queen marking is to practice on the drones.... I prefer to catch by hand, you want the drone heading away from you.. you can steer them on the frame using your fingertip til they’re heading the right way.. drones are really cheap to replace should there be a wee whoopsie.
  24. I love the coast, fishing , hunting, humans per hectare ratio.. it’s got it all.. how’s the leg?
  25. Blazing fire here too.. burning magic wood all winter .. finally got a crack in the back of the firebox. I’m too close to the possibility of a honey flow I can’t risk C4.. pretty tight position I find myself in..
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