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  1. you should be on master chef lol
  2. I thought I had subscribed Thanks very much
  3. So did it come with the bucket attachment etc
  4. Great video, what's that vacuum unit called. I don't mind feeding 1:1 syrup
  5. Hi all, My brother in-law has felled a tree that has a bee nest in it the bees are still using the entrance in and out of the tree. I need some tips and advice on the best way to remove the nest bees queen etc from the tree? as I haven't done this before. Thanks Daza.
  6. Was yours flighty @Kiwifruiter or just running around like a crazy mother
  7. 100%, brought as a mated marked laying queen
  8. I would of thought the flying would of been very unusual. No brood either
  9. How common is a flighty mated queen? Checking nucs yesterday my son said the queen was running fast all over the frame then boom flew over his head few minutes later she landed back on the lid I grabbed her and put her back in the nuc she was still very jumpy.
  10. There should be a ISO standard on this stuff
  11. Yes I did notice the lugs being thinner I guess the bees work around the lesser gap ok?
  12. Thanks for your help men, yes it was the brood box I was concerned about thanks for the great advice I thought I brought a bad batch :eek:
  13. So do you just run with the gap at that end and not space the frames wider? If the gap is left at that end would they not fill it with drone comb?
  14. Is it normal for the beetec Hoffman plastic frames not to full the box with 10 frames in it? I get about a 30mm gap at one end :mad:
  15. Daza

    Technoset Q8 - YouTube

    Very cool Glynn , Nice looking unit saves a hell of a lot of wood work
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