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  1. Maybe this question was raised before. Will it work to put scrapped comb/honey from plastic frames straight into a spin float? I am thinking about a plain spin float and adding the comb/honey manually. Also can someone who knows tell about pricing?
  2. Does anybody have experience with 2 frames extractors? I can see a SS model on TM(for $129 + delivery from SI), however I may have to build to it a stand and fit a honey gate too. It has a honey tank at the bottom but it will turn into a mess when you open the unit to get access to the honey.
  3. @NickWallingfordhow many liters of water you need for one of those systems? One box can be up to 35kg, and one hive of 5 boxes will get close to 160kg. Just estimating. I try to visualize the 0.8m of tubing filled with water (80-90%) lifting the hive.... 3mm.
  4. This is exactly what I am after. @Hector Wongcan you remember how much did you pay for it?
  5. I sill do not get it. Is I buy a pot of honey from PnS, let say made by one of the big players, and I would like to send it to EU. Can I do it or not? If NZ Post doesn't do the job, what about DHL?
  6. Thanks guys. I know about those EU scales made for beekeeping with txt messaging etc. Also we have here in NZ on TM or few other website handheld digital scales or digital platform scales and their prices are good(China made, but under $100 so it is a good price). However what I am looking for(I will prefer) is to get an old school platform scale to have the hive on it all year round. I will check the weight when I go to the apiary and I will make notes. I am afraid to buy a digital platform one because of the rain plus it may not work to have the hive on it all the time(they are going from $70 to $ 140 with a platform of 500mm/400mm). @Gorando you know a source for the old school mechanic scales where you have to slide the counterweight on the balance? Just checked it on alibaba. You can get one for US$ 130 + shipping US$200 and its good for 1000kg. I can take 2 months till it gets here.
  7. Maybe an oldie question, but anybody using a scale to get the weight of the hives now in the season? I can't find an old school scale or I didn't search in the right place.
  8. And think about those hives that you did not split. ? I am still equalizing the hives and I had a sign on a weak hive. Last weekend when I checked it I found a darkish small queen in the bottom box. She is mated. There were tones of fresh brood so I thought this hive changed gear and is on the right track. When I checked the top brood box it popped into my eyes a big yellow queen working hard as the dark one. A couple of minutes later I made a plan and I looked for the queens but they were hiding very well. I decided to add a QE and a super and leave it for now. They still have room to lay eggs. It is interesting that I am not the only one with this situation. - I used only DIY staples this spring and I still replace the demolished ones - I have all floors full and plenty of staple fluff there - so the bees have no other chance than walking through it and I am convinced that the OA is spreading very well. Can the ongoing amount of OA diminish the queen pheromone?
  9. Did anybody use decking timber for full bottom boards? The smooth version. I would like to make a few and I have the timber. Since it is a treated timber I am not sure when it gets wet, will it release any toxins?
  10. I had a swarm for a short time. Last week I had a call about a swarm and I went out there in the evening. Wowwww that was a huge swarm! Right up in the tree! It was very calm waiting for the night. Got myself my bucket with the extension and I collected it in a second. Easy as per the book. Maybe less than a handful remained on the branch. The bucket was 30%+ full. The bees were very calm so I knew the queen is there too. I purred the bees into a 5 frames nuc box and I had to wait till the bees started to climb the frames. Like there was no room for the frames. After a couple of minutes or so I managed for fit the frames properly and I closed the box. Many bees were outside at the entry, still very calm. Meanwhile it was getting dark. In the past I never gave a swarm frames with brood so I didn't do it this time either. Just some old combs that needed a lot of cleaning and repair. I was sure that this army of bees will sort those frames in no time. I left the box under the tree. About 20+ hours later I went out there to give the bees an OA fumigation. All bees gone. Not even a single dead bee in the box. The only thing that came into my mind is that this time I used a brand new nuc box made from clean ply and there was no "hive smell" for the bees. Actually the box got wet inside in the winter and has a funny smell. A commercial beekeeper told me that he always adds a frame with brood to make sure the bees/swarm have a good reason to stay in the box. I'm a bit disapointed because the swarm was from my hive.
  11. @Mattrustyare there dead bees also on the bottom board too? Also do bees have their tongue out?(that is from poisoning) Few years ago I had one hive poisoned. There were lots of dead bees outside in the front of the hive and many others on the bottom board. Very few bees survived it. All those dead bees had their tongue out - poisoning. I didn't find out the source of poisoning. But the most interesting part was that the other 8 hives in the apiary were absolutely fine. No problems there - not even 2 or 3 dead bees on the bottom board. It was obvious that only one hive foraged "something" from the bad source.
  12. @Alastair the big vaporizer in the video you shared is available at Ecrotek. The price now is just under 5k + gst(it used to be higher, like 7k). We better stick to our sewing machines.
  13. @southbee that is bad news. Do you have to pay for the site? The good new is you can still get there with cross country skis.
  14. Let say tomorrow I buy 5x1kg of Manuka honey from the local Countdown made by Comvita. Since they are a big, legitimate company, why can't I send the honey overseas? Or am I missing something? It will be good if all this mess up will be sorted in a normal way. I will welcome the idea to have a smart code for each type of packed product we would like to sell(domestically or overseas). And linked to the seller. Have a small annual fee for that like $100/year to ensure people are not getting reluctant because of the high fee. Manuka honey(any grade) should not leave NZ in larger packaging than 1kg. This will ensure traceability and it will become very expensive for others overseas to adulterate it.
  15. I'll wait for the mentor and ask him/her to graft. If that is not an option and you said the room around the hive is limited I'll go plan B. I'll do a Demaree setup(1 bottom board; 1 lid; 1 queen excluder; 4-5 boxes; and the relevant frames + bees etc). Its a straight forward method. Queen into the bottom box with 2 frames of capped brood + empty frames, preferably drawn comb but I used new frames in past too. Cover with queen excluder. Second box, frames with capped brood in center at the sides honey and pollen frames. Third box empty frames. In your case maybe fourth box same as third. Top box will have all the uncapped brood and pollen. If you are short on pollen(maybe not the case with this monster hive) then take 1 frame with pollen from the second box. Then hive mat and lid. I assume you don't have a top entry lid so I'll push the top box 30mm back to create a gap and that will be the top entry. Leave the hive alone for 3-4 days and check the top box. Remove queencells except 2. You'll have a good queen in the next three of weeks. When your top queen is laying a nice pattern and you have capped brood too you just do the split. A week later you equalize them by moving more brood frame around. The one very important question, possible I missed this in your posts, what varroa treatment you used? PS - first read about the Demaree method and watch videos to understand it properly.
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