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  1. Local hobbyists in Taranaki starting to feel the pinch too... Bees at risk from overstocking as outside honey firms move in, beekeepers say
  2. I have been using apilife var as an autumn treatment for the past 4 years with good results. I have started using Hive Dr Semi-vented bases this season. Does anyone have any experience with this product around it's effectiveness with a vented bottom board? cheers
  3. Cheers will get the fire going! I hope the bees and I share the same taste in music or it might be a long night. Thanks for the links - that's useful. Sounds very much like bees 'bombing out'. At least I hope that's all it is. Admin note: fixed quote. Removed duplicate post.
  4. Hadn't thought of that! Hive feels heavy enough, consists of three 3/4 boxes when I last checked in May there were at least 10 frames capped honey in there. Will have a look next fine day. Cheers
  5. Thanks @Scruffy bee I guess it could be cold bees. Thing is they're there through the warm part of the day too, sitting on warm rock. 3 hives in this apiary neither of the other two have this problem.
  6. hi there. Every fine, calm day this winter when the hive gets active I notice dozens of bees scattered on the ground around the entrance, alive but immobile, clinging to rocks, grass etc. Some have full pollen bags. Some show signs of k-wing, some don't. The more active the hive, the more bees left scattered about at the end of the day. No sign of diarrhoea. No sign of deformed wings. Hive treated in autumn for varroa. Anyone else? Any ideas?
  7. Hi - I am having similar problems with a hive here, since July. Have you requeened?
  8. I have a hive with some of the symptoms of Chronic Bee Paralysis Virus - type 1 (I think): shiny, paralysed, barely moving bees out the front of the hive, bloated abdomens, dislocated wings. No sign of any diarrhea. A month ago things were bad (dozens of bees out the front each day) but now we're down to about 10 a day that I get to see. Any advice on how to get rid of it? How contagious is it (for other hives in the apiary)? Cheers
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