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  1. I think it's the pollen quality that bees are attracted to. Hybrid clovers are common now, requiring less pollination.and probably not as bee friendly. It bothers me, beehives cost the grower stuff all per hectare. But the research paid for by you and me, is aiming to remove us. 1M!! Progress. At what price. I am ranting, but imagine no beehives needed in kiwis in the future. I'd walk away and consequently no bees will sit on pasture to pollinate clovers
  2. Hi Dennis, has APINz looked at this research? Are they aware of it? Otago university got 1M for a 3yr study (2018). From government. The only beneficiaries, the kiwifruit growers and Intelligence Property owners. I am amazed it flew under the radar. Let's hope it is a dud
  3. Yeah, creating girl\boy flowers. So the kiwifruit industry thinks it innovative, no bees or artificial pollination required. No male pruning, and 10% more productive plants. Goes to show how thoughtless research can be. Goodbye Beekeepers... We fine now... thanks for you supported us...we doing better without you.. Shortsighted. And sad.
  4. They want light..very light. Not sure who produces less than than 30. Seems very light. Send them your Kamahi, So,is Jack's scale the same as the spectrometer? Probably totally different. Your honey has set, so turns lighter.
  5. So, trawling through some historic news. Was funded in 2018... Major study on kiwifruit pollination wins Government funding | Newshub WWW.GOOGLE.COM Researchers hope a new three-year study will mean reduced costs for kiwifruit growers. Another article 2019 https://i.stuff.co.nz/business/farming/114762011/genetic-breakthrough-could-make-male-kiwifruit-redundant Lol, the stuff article has video of kiwifruit growers growing dope...unrelated but highly entertaining.
  6. Me too. Gone back to see and not very effective. It's possible that your queens were young? As Nick's article states, young queens hold on. I think @jamescspot on, it's timing. And no excluders, mid flow. Some do it every year and they seem happy enough, but I don't think they really know how well it's worked. Its quick, cheap and unknown.
  7. Hi! Is there plenty of healthy bees\brood? Expanding? My understanding, your hive is over the worst. Probably very sick early on. Suggest trying to get mite count, that will tell you if mite load is under control. You're doing plenty of oxalic treatments, possibly too many. 6 weeks every 3 days is a lot. Remember,seeing DWV does not mean you have a high mite load now, after 3 weeks. The virus hangs around for a while, and goes away once hive gets healthy. Again, without an accurate mite count you're guessing what's going on.
  8. Looks like a bit of that NW for you today. Once gone nice weekend. I have experienced windy places, but the NW is the top performer.
  9. And, does some nz Manuka transit through processors in Aussie. Possibly Manuka that fails the tests here??
  10. Lol. A spike in demand for any type will be appreciated.
  11. I find them a bit cool/sweaty. Now use simple grey wool type, warm and breathable.
  12. Canvas Waterproof Seat Covers & Floor Mats for 2WDs, 4WDs, Trucks, Quads & more | Black Duck Vehicle Accessories | New Zealand and Australia BLACKDUCK.CO.NZ We have a range of canvas seat covers, mudgrabba floors mats and other vehicle accessories...
  13. Are these new sites big business chasing Manuka flows from north to south? If so, their plan may make sense even if they only harvest a small but reasonable quantity. They will have a few goes at it as they go south. It's efficient shifting big truck loads. And bees sitting in holding pattern, waiting for later flows cost money. Guys here sit on Rewa sites, because it works logistically, not necessarily very profitable. Bees working, ready to go South. It's entirely different for one shot operators like you and me. Eggs in one basket. And they can enhance the value of all honey gathered. Blending or good market access. Plus, big money backing the enterprise. They are probably no where as profitable compared to a smaller low cost operator, but if it returns better than the bank...
  14. Cause he's a gambling man, rolling them dice... A site really needs 3 seasons to show results. As honey has been a secondary income, I look at a site differently. Good access for truck. Beefies versus cruisy. Wind protection. One gate. Distance. Pollen sources. Enough summer honey to winter hives.
  15. What commitment does it involve? Number of meetings? Travel? Personal costs? Time... You did it as a lone operator? How much impact on your business.
  16. Yes it is. The machinery has got expensive and complicated. The simpler the better. As we don't have a Tristan on our team of few. That's okay if the result means more expensive honey out of the frames. Can you share the wax separator with us?
  17. It's a game of 2 halves. The Manuka producers and all others. One half spends the other is in holding pattern. Bit like how costs affect the low income more than the richer. And Apinz is pretty well all wealthy Manuka folk. And more influencial. So an increase for them is ok. So Farmlands put out a regular magazine. Last one showcasing beekeeper in the Manuka. It's just rude. I plan to stand in Apinz next time round....
  18. Could just about spoon it straight in for lunch.
  19. That's a negative. Taking a leave out of James C's Book of Optimism. Money under the mattress. Not looking to produce any this season. Weird aye. I do wonder if more like me are considering a heavy hive versus a box of non Manuka. I prefer a solid beast, no feeding, until my next pollination return. Be super tight dutchy.
  20. Yummy. Add those to your rice, drone stirfry. Big opportunity there, bee brood super food.
  21. Well it's only a 27% increase..... I knew price would increase, but in smaller increments? That was my understanding of it a year ago. I haven't seen any changes/difference in the delivery personally. No hives been randomly checked. And really unsure how honey sampling of packed honey would help. I mean a Batch may contain many individual suppliers. There will probably be a sudden contraction of hive numbers....
  22. Don't do it! The banger will cost you dearly in repairs. It's a Ford, which is better than Chev. I had an old 350 Chev, in Canada. Spare on the front bumper. Sucked the gas, but hey it was cheap enough. Holes in the floor pan, dead slow and poo two tone rusty brown. Great, no WOF at all. Just needed to be road worthy judged by the highway man. Hands down cool here in NZ. A local Mountie got me doing 121, he asked where I was living\working. He said he knew my boss. No tickets if I confessed my sins. He'd check my boss in due time. I shared the experience with the boss. He knew no such person. Fair play.
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