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  1. The best honey flow we have in many parts of Dunedin in through mid-Spring. Same scenario, if hives are at full strength they can collect quite a decent crop. The problem is keeping them home...
  2. This tertiary provider wouldn't happen to be further south from you? I'm hearing some interesting stories coming from one being run here...
  3. Collected a few more pollen samples for a research project today. Lots of hawthorn pollen and a bunch of others I'm still hoping to learn about... There's some dark purple/blue tree fuchsia pollen there too. Kind of looks like mouse droppings...
  4. Yeah, okay. This was large. I gave it two FD boxes of foundation to play with. Had a peek in the top this morning and the top box was pretty much all drawn and filling with nectar and pollen.
  5. I went through the hive this came from yesterday. There were lots of swarm cells but not one that was even close to emerging yet (3 days after collecting the swarm). They obviously got excited and decided not to wait. That happens a bit here at this time of the year. Very difficult to completely control swarming when they up and leave well before the books say they should. As I say to hobbyists quite frequently, the bees don't read the same books we do...
  6. My first swarm call of the season. Pretty happy that it's the end of October (last year was in the first half of September!). This was quite a big swarm.
  7. Here in Dunedin I get red pollen in town hives. I'm pretty sure this comes from horse chestnut trees, which are commonly planted large trees. These are flowering around town at the moment. Pollens come in many different colours and more colours appearing in your hive is only a good thing. It means the bees are getting a good, varied diet.
  8. Neither looks particularly old. Did you put one into a split?
  9. Not really sure sorry. This was from the March sample. One light coloured pollen that does come in that time of the year is Koromiko/Hebe pollen. There's lots of that in our regenerating bush and in suburban gardens. There seem to be multiple shades of light coloured pollen though.
  10. @Braiden Dunedin has a couple of suppliers: Beeline Supplies Ltd (Brian) Bee Supplies Otago (Eric) Both Brian and Eric are pretty helpful. If you are willing to drive up to Dunedin I can sell you a nuc but it won't be until late October that I have more ready to go.
  11. Do you have a local supplier of beekeeping equipment? They often have a reasonable idea of who has bees available in their local area.
  12. I agree @Sailabee provided that samples from beekeepers that return a positive for AFB are properly followed up on. There is little point in doing the testing without putting some serious time and resources into followup (including prosecution). I don't think this needs to be about trying to exhaustively test samples from every different beekeeper. If the testing is done and an example is made of a few flagrant rule breakers then more will fall into line because they know they are more likely to get caught out.
  13. These were a couple of pollen samples I collected in town earlier this year (one in January and one in March) that both have purple pollen in them (not Fuchsia). Hopefully will find out what they are sometime...
  14. Honey testing is not about identifying specific apiaries/sites that are problematic. It is all about identifying beekeepers who have AFB problems. Which sites their hives collected the honey from is irrelevant to their AFB management protocols, but the honey samples can give the management agency a chance to identify which beekeeping outfits have issues.
  15. Not so sure it would be a major concern in this case. The more likely scenario is that since it is now a 3 brood box hive (with the top one being a nice shiny new one that the queen will be super keen on) the queen is probably ignoring the bottom box for the moment and there is still some emerging brood in there. I'd try to find a local beekeeper that breeds nice gentle bees and buy a queen cell or two for your splits rather than doing walk away ones.
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