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  1. I have.I thought it was a separate thing to the yearly disease report?
  2. I received my AFB declaration/check form in the mail a few weeks ago but have misplaced it.Can someone please point me in the direction of a form I can print off at home then send in? Thanks
  3. The other day I removed my FD super and harvested my honey.9 frames got me 20kgs I returned the wets frames back to the hive for the bees to clean up.Its a strong hive and I had lots of bees hanging out on the outside when I removed the super.Will it be ok to remove the cleaned up super and insert my Varoa strips?I am worried the bees wont have enough space.
  4. Not as simple as that. 30 mtr range.Next to useless
  5. I had a good talk with a mate of mine whos a sparky and pretty clever with gizmos and gadgets and told him the problem. we got something in the works.Will let yas know when we get the prototype up.
  6. Fish hooks and shotgun traps Another 7 hives stolen from Pukekoe today
  7. For remote locations you would be better off with some type of txt based msg to a phone.By the time the thieves have loaded up all the hives hopefully someone could be there to stop them.Dunno,even a wailing siren may be enough to scare people off if it was stuck up high enough in a tree that they couldn't reach it easily.
  8. Indeed.And if you adjust it so it only goes off when the base board is removed then you can still remove suppers and brood boxes without it going off.And you wouldn't need one on every hive in your apiary just one on every pellet. 50 hive site: 12 x micro switches(1 per pellet) $120 1 battery $100 1 solar charger $35 1 car alarm $50 wire $45? Total $350 $7 per hive for a 50 hive site.
  9. Why not just a spring loaded switch under the baseboard.As soon as the pressure of the the hive is off the the switch goes off and triggers what ever alarm/txt msg you want.Hell I may have to make something as proof of concept.Car battery hooked up to a cheap solar charger hidden in the bushed with a loud siren.
  10. Cheeky sobs Yard of beehives stolen from Te Awamutu | Stuff.co.nz I wonder if you could place some type of pressure plate under you hive pellet.as soon as a certain weight is lifted off it could send a signal to a phone or blast a really load siren
  11. Can you put them out now?I thought it was too early
  12. I have 4 boxes that I am going to put up trees at friends places.Full depth boxes with 9 frames of new wax foundation and some of my home made lure.Fairly evenly spread around Hamilton and more than 3 kms from my place so nice and easy to bring back.If I get one swarm I will be happy.
  13. Just wondering what the standard inside width dimensions are for a standard 5 frame box? Does 190mm sound about right?
  14. So after you find she has started to lay you can transfer her into a nuc/brood box with more bees?
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