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  1. My understanding is historically with post colonisation, no matter what the ethnic group in NZ, manuka was manuka. If Australians reverted to a non indigenious common name such as Ti Tree or Tea Tree for a varietal that was not Leptospernum scoparium, well I guess that's their choice.
  2. Your excellent photo looks to me like phaecelia, but here in mid Canterbury, a major seed production area, it doesn't to my knowledge flower until now. I have been out this afternoon photographing large paddocks of flowering phaecelia.
  3. Also, page 5 last night Apiarist's Advocate
  4. I agree it is a lot slower with the beekeeper there, but that is not always practical and I think depends on the circumstance. As an AP2 for exotic surveillance for 15 years, and because of the geographic size of the inspection area and the amount of hives and apiaries to inspect, and working on week days, also round weather patterns etc, I would never have finished my Biosecurity NZ contract, nor would the routes I traveled have been as economic, and my line manager placed a certain emphasis on time management skills. However with a COI for which the beekeeper pays, I will only inspect if the beekeeper is there and I tell them how long the inspection will take and it is an excellent learning tool for them, and I also have a chat about what other "tools" they have in their educational and networking kit.
  5. Stop being silly. It's a moa! It will be enroute to the Bealey or Moana pub. It's prob the one that Paddy Freaney spotted in the 1990s
  6. Hi Goran - There was quite a bit of footage on the TV news last night re Croatia and the quakes. Fingers crossed for you. I know what constant earthquakes are like, and how suddenly everything can look like a war zone. And on top of this your country has the Covid issue. Keep Safe & Take Care.
  7. I am well aware it is my responsibility. But others out there can't or don't want to understand that, and some just let it go rampant for whatever reason. I can't be responsible for them and I can't take the law into my own hands.
  8. Trevor, was it my imagination the other night when I saw the item on TV1, was there a Plant and Food scientists interviewed? Are they also involved?
  9. 24-27 Dec (incl) we received 48 mm rain with day time temps of 8. Yesterday no rain, but can see snow on the Alps, and we have got the cold beasterly easterly. Parked the vehicle not too close to hives, but they still decided to dump three days of evacuations on it! Heavy duty car wash required.
  10. I think there was less AFB, and even in some bigger operations it was considered a rarity, and if found drastic measures were undertaken with quarantines, traceability and culling gear.
  11. Well, well, well. I will look on spinach in a different light!
  12. On a good flow, have definitely done 50 kg bulk honey in a LANGSTROTH EIGHT FRAME FULL DEPTH box. But not always; particularly lately! Haven't done full depth export cut comb for a few years, but I always loathed lifting that undersupered 3/4 depth bulk honey underneath it. That 3/4 box was heavy lifiting - a real b.....d when doing the AFB check & escaping prior to harvest! Although loved the honey cheque for cut comb.
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