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  1. Yes Otaki/Te Horo, weather has been pretty average with rain and high winds, was feeding up to 3 weeks ago but we have finally had some hot weather and there is a flow on finally, but now another 4 days of rain forecast ☹ Guess I will wait for weather to settle and try again, I thought the success rate was pretty low
  2. Out of interest what percentage of mating flights are unsuccessful, been a shocker this year, some really windy days but others perfect weather but the virgin queen is gone, running at about 40% success rate
  3. I guess the point of my post was that the shop towels went in pretty wet and I didn't see any real losses, but maybe they were so thin the hive heat dried them out when the same doesn't apply to the staples if they are too wet. But yes they were a pain compared to staples
  4. Alastair, just picking up on the dry vs wet, when we all started down this road, shop towels was the product of choice and those were all fairly wet but hard to deal with hence Philbee's staples being a choice of many after Pam's Cloth, Gib Tape etc. I personally don't recall any losses with the shop towel (including Queens) so what would the difference be I wonder? Maybe the amount of active product was less on the shop towels I'm tempted to go back to shop towel as an experiment with some test hives even if they are much more work
  5. Anyone found they have had queen losses after introducing new strips, I have had two fairly strong hives go queenless on me and the only change was new strips
  6. Storage/use of strips Have had a shocker season with post Covid work taking my eye off the hives completely so some serious losses. Question is I have a bunch of strips I bought from Phil ages ago, with much reduced hive numbers producing strips in bulk is seemingly pointless unless: Can strips store for a while, if yes under what conditions Second can one make up the oxalic mix and store some in glass jars and reheat and apply to strips as required Or do I just use much smaller quantities albeit its really hard to do that?
  7. Trevor. Out of interest have you done an alcohol wash after the co2 test to see if there was any mite drop from the same sample?
  8. @Alastair- again sorry as I am sure this is covered, why dry over wet. Has someone done a trial of one vs the other -? Maybe that's my new project as I rebuild
  9. I also had presoaked staples from Phil and had them stored in a sealed bucket in the garage, didnt use them for a good 4 months and when I did my losses were up to 50% over summer, mainly what seems to be overload and Queen losses - worst season ever for me and I was treating regularly, in some cases strips were removed quickly and in others hardly touched, no correlation between the two when it came to losses I suspect 4 months is too long and fresh is best so probably my fault however I have been off the forum for a while so have some questions, hope you don't mind How long is too long to store treated staples in people's opinion and should it be in a fridge or freezer? When the thread started we all tried shop towels etc but moved away due to them either being a barrier to movement or stripped out too fast, however those towels were fairly moist originally and seemed to work really well (for me anyway) The current thinking seems to be have the medium whatever it is fairly dry, I am sure this has been answered but 173 pages is hard to wade through, but why now dry over moist / slightly wet staples, tape or 2 whatever is being used? Thanks
  10. Any one know of a facility in Wellington or Manawatu up to Palmerston North that would do small quantities - 20-30 boxes and possibly bottle as well?
  11. Same method that I use and most I would say, I wouldn’t want to drop oxalic into heated glycerine
  12. Anyway you read that is 4 strips per double brood box ? If you only put them in one box would it be in the top or bottom box Be a huge saving for a big outfit but you would have to think it’s a first step on the resistance path - zero science behind my statement but as honey prices drop so does return per hive and the one way to save (in the short term) is reduce your mite treatment costs
  13. Hi Phil, thanks - no favor owed at all - really enjoyed our chat - I have some splits, so I will dump the queen and frames and combine the rest with a decent queen
  14. Thanks - I thought so as well - Do you suggest I swap positions with the strong hive next to it and boost numbers that way ? The flow has dried up here so there isn’t a lot coming in at the moment and the strong hives are uncapping the honey boxes and pulling it down so that probably isn’t helping either
  15. I have a hive that has struggled through the season next to other hives that are going really well - looks like I’m onto the third queen so far based on the double eggs in some cells but look at the attached photos - something isnt right and I haven’t seen this before . I’m treating with oxalic strips There is no pupal tongue or roping out so not AFB but I have pupa dying in the cells and the hive is basically just hanging in any comments would be welcomed
  16. The couple of strips I used like this worked well, the bees chewed them out from the bottom up and left a small bit at the top - not sure I would bother in the future though as it’s a bit more time per hive but good to know it’s an option
  17. It’s come a long way since Jan 17 when the link to Randy’s research was first put up, that’s the bit about this forum that amazes me is how everyone is happy to share - result being you now producing a product that any beekeeper can use easily, cheaply in comparison and is very effective all through trial and error by people on this forum what astounds me is the number of beekeepers I know that refuse to consider anything new like this was two years ago, you would think it would be commonplace by now but even yesterday I was talking to a beekeeper of 15 years and he had only heard of vaporising - seems we are still a very singular breed for the most part and not open to new ideas in the main. Look forward to meeting you in person
  18. Will give the strips a try when I get them, easy for me as a hobbyist but for a commercial the fold over makes all the sense in the world for speed and ease of application
  19. If it’s the contact with the staple then what if one cut them in half, punched a hole in the top and hung them like a normal strip, would the bees then work underneath them whereas I find they tend to not work under them wrapped over a frame ?
  20. First swarm this year for me, looked fairly small initially but they were deep into the bush and the homeowner didn’t want the bush cut at all - took a while - hope they stay put
  21. I tried the banana trick, had a hive with bad chalkbrood, put the banana cut in half longways between the boxes - checked after 10 days and they had cleared out almost all the chalkbrood and the brood looked a lot better maybe just luck as a flow was just kicking in, but they certainly ate all the banana, so who knows - one thing, they were not happy when I put it in at all, the smell maybe ? will see how they are this weekend
  22. Agree, the strips are a better option but sometimes time just doesn’t allow, I now have a supply of pams cloth strips that I take every time I visit the apiaries , post was really more about the barrier the sheets created
  23. Sorry, my posts spelling was shocking - was using the blue towels from supercheap, I am trialling egg box strips and the pams idea, but the sheets still work for me from ease of use and application,
  24. As an aside, I was in a hurry a few weeks back and didn’t halve the shed as per normal and laid a full sheet which basically covered the top of the brood box went back yesterday and the hive hadn’t moved out of the bottom box, box was packed with brood and stored but the sheet was a complete barrier for them. Compared to the adjacent hive which had filled two more boxes in the same time and completely the strips I used, it’s a lesson learnt, they have to be able to work it from the edges A positive was that there was no sign of varroa at all, so I assume the vapour had an effect vs the physical contact
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