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  1. Sure Daniel - definitely relatable. In relation to AFB work in NZ, dogs have been tested and phages have been isolated (viruses specific for AFB bacteria). But we cant just transplant them into NZ - the bacteriophages wouldnt be allowed across the border and the dogs would be too expensive I guess. Our work is brand new and hence why we're publishing it - so that it can be peer reviewed, improved and hopefully adopted. I am not complaining that there was no beekeeping funding of the work - we never asked for any. But without research and industry funding, NZ beekeepers are going to be relying on the goodwill and scientific interests of others. You can look at a lot of the current industry complaints and issues and go 'well, that would have been interesting research to find out more about'. It's said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results . . .
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