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Welcome to the NZ Beekeepers FORUM


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Hello and welcome to the NZ Beekeepers Forum. For this project, I've used a new productcalled Xenforo. Its been around for a year and was formed by the main developers behind v Bulletin forum software.


Xenforo was chosen for its clean looks and functionality and the fact that its been written from the ground up, so should be quick and light on server resources. The rest of the site is based around Wordpress, a well renowned open source blogging package.


Technicalities aside, NZ Beekeepers started life as my online beekeeping diary. It will hopefully form a community base for my fellow colleagues who are working towards the National Certificate in Apiculture and grow as a free and open resource for other New Zealand based beekeepers. The vision is for those who are experienced in keeping bees and those who are new to the hobby to come together in a place where they can share hints, tips and experiences to help protect and expand New Zealand honey bee population.


If you would like to join our community, please follow the simple (and free) registration process in the NZB Forum.

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Six years after launch and as you will have recently noticed, we're currently undergoing a major transformation to new software. The provider is now Invision and it has been chosen as it has a number of built in features that were add-on components in the other software. There are some functionality changes, but with XF due to undergo a major rewrite and version change that made all the add-ons obsolete, it was obvious that if we needed to upgrade to version 2 for security reasons, we'd lose a heap of functionality. 


Key features such as Forums - Gallery - Calendar have been brought over. I still have to transfer Downloads (Resources). However, we also now have a Clubs Section and will add Classified Advertising, Blogs and a Store as well as a Donation component. We do lose a couple of things in transition in terms of minor features, but hopefully the benefits outweigh.

Regular members are already noticing a change to SEARCH, CONTENT and ACTIVITY STREAMS

The HELP section is also massively more powerful and contains Tutorials and a Support logging system if you are having issues.

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I'm in the process of preparing for the next major release of the software we use. This in turn will bring some new features and I will keep you updated as to what they are.


Lockdown has given me some time to look at the site as a whole, where life previously got in the way, some areas of how it was working have been neglected and it was also evident an unwelcoming atmosphere had developed. As a result I am also in the process of refreshing the staff that help on the site to try and bring more balance, not just in terms of workload, but to address the forum behaviour as well.


I'm also looking into what members find useful on the site. We've had some greate feedback around advertising, product sales and classifieds and the membership are currently discussing the merits of a honey price tracker. I'd also be keen to hear if there are any social aspects we could introduce to help keep the discussion going and build friendships and a network of business links.


If you have any feedback, please create a topic in the general discusion. If you have issues logging into the site, use the support link at the bottom of the page. If you have an issue with content or a member, please report it. A newsletter will be going out in the not too distant future.




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