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January 2021 Apiary Diary

Trevor Gillbanks

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On 6/01/2021 at 9:38 PM, tommy dave said:

Seems as though there's someone in Canterbury telling farmers they should pay him to check the hives they're paying a pollination fee for are up to scratch - not sure how he could legally go through someone else's hives, but it's on his website.


Maybe he should add "check for blue dots" to the list :)


From the website (content copied directly, including the typos etc):




Pollination Hive Auditing

worried that your pollination hives are not preforming?


I can offer and Audit Report on hive strength and performance.

Your paying good money for Pollination Bees Hives, you need ensure that service is for fulled correctly and as per contract, This audit will compare your contract to what the hive is protecting you and ensuring your getting what you have paid for!



My goodness, how bad is the English????

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I always like to keep an eye on the honey my local supermarket stocks. Apart from the usual mainstream brands, they sometimes have some nice raw honey varietals from around the country which is good to see. However this caught my eye this morning...vegan 'hunny'. The makers call it an "ideal substitute for...honey". As I said in another post a few weeks back, I think the growing vegan lobby have honey in their sights. Like rust, they never sleep.

Vegan honey.JPG

Vegan honey2.JPG

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11 hours ago, dansar said:

What crop was that for?

interesting one was white clover- 19,000 or so bees per hectare.

most of the ones i looked at.

an audit is not about how many bees per hectare or how many hives, but rather the makeup of the hive and its suitability to the crop.

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