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January 2021 Apiary Diary

Trevor Gillbanks

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Have been busy collecting firewood, the past week and watching the bees finally bring in more than they are consuming.

Have actually seen some bees on the manuka, the rewarewa didn't flower very well again, the clover is making an appearance.

Now I have to move hive's to make way for a new highway.

Happy New Year. 

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55 minutes ago, yesbut said:
3 hours ago, Wildflower said:

I now have a rediculous amount of bees and brood that I can happily sell.....Or can I??

You'd better be quick before James weakens & floods the market.

I have seen a few hives for sale in my area on Trade Me. So more than likely I will still have this bunch in Spring!! At least I am not short of a bee or two at mo.?

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On 1/01/2021 at 10:48 AM, dansar said:

So many parts of the country with no excess honey flow. Hives are maintaining weight (barely). Some sites require a hive or two topping up with some syrup. On the positive side, the weather has settled somewhat and finally getting a better percentage of queens mated.

Hives that haven’t performed have been used to split for replacements and hopefully a few increases.

What are the light cappings Dansar?

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This yr has exposed how much wealth is in NZ that normally gets spent overseas.

The art market is going gangbusters.

The social inequality in NZ is not ripping apart society currently but I do wonder what it will be like in 20 yrs if things continue to change at the same rate.


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2 hours ago, Alastair said:

Yes, despite that some people had difficulties in 2020, especially those in the hospitality or tourist industry, for me anyhow it's been a pretty good year.


Other than some incompetencies at the border, we seem to have defeated the pandemic relatively easily, by using what amounts to the fairly simple technique of preventing it from spreading from one to another. Just common sense really.


Looking at other countries I realise how lucky we are here. Most countries do not have the suitable politicians or political will, or stupid or selfish populations, that they just cannot defeat the virus, and even have violent demonstrations to oppose measures such as mask wearing or lockdowns designed to defeat the virus. Looking at the stupidity going on in some other countries I am so glad to live here in NZ.


Many people myself included have come out better off than we would have been without the pandemic. In my case it's because sales of my honey rocketed when the pandemic struck. But for many people it's because the lack of overseas trips and other ways to waste money were not available, so people have come through with more cash than they would have otherwise have had.



For sure it has been an interesting year and there have been some winners and some losers . The thing that i find interesting is the fact that the government has borrowed something like 70 thousand dollars per household from somewhere on our behalf and there are so many people out there that think that they are better off or no worse off.


I am not saying that what the government did was right or wrong because I simply don't know but I do know that this borrowing will have a cost somehow, sometime.

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