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Swarm prevention actions


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Hi there


im feeling a little nervous that I have another swarm brewing. 

B2 my second hive swarmed last weekend. It wasn’t a big swarm and I recaptured but accidentally squashed the new queen of the swarm when putting into new hive. The remaining bees went back to original hive (B2)


I went through b2 after swarm and found another queen cell which I removed. It is a double brood box so I also swapped the brood boxes around as top one was full of brood and bottom was about half full. I have also put another honey box on top as first box is capped. 

it is still very active though and there has been a clump of bees hanging in front for past few days even at night. (have attached a photo)

couple of questions. 

is this just a very active hive or should I go through the hive again and check for Queen cells. 


as it has swarmed once are they likely to swarm again


Appreciate any advice. 





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35 minutes ago, Trevor Gillbanks said:

What is that a photo of.  It looks like bees on a garden edging.  Not enough detail to know anything about the hive.


That’s the landing zone at the front of the hive. The photo has gone sideways. 

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@Boyeseejust a few quick questions.

Is it a double brood? If not take two outside honey frames from box 1 and put as outside frames in 2 brood box then foundation.

If it is a double brood then I suggest you take two frame of honey out of your brood box, shake & check for Queen then put in honey super. Replace with two foundation frames. (You can do this in both brood boxes if they are full with no laying space.)

Have you seen eggs in your brood boxes anywhere? They could be needing to superceed your Queen. If there are no eggs then you may have a virgin Queen not yet laying or no Queen.  They are pretty noisy when you open the hive when they are Qless.
How big is that clump of bees? Is there a Queen in there? Are they under the brood box too?

If you’ve got eggs you can knock the cells off. If you don’t then you might need to put a frame with eggs on it and see if the then try to make a cell. 
Use some smoke suit up and have a good look. Best of luck!

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