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I've had a couple of issues with bugs in the way notifications have been handled since the upgrade. As a result we've had to turn them on to find the fault, turn them off to fix the bug and reset them to make sure it all works. Needless to say you may find you've had more (or less) notifications than normal.


I've also listened to some feedback based on the old notification settings.

Instead of auto following everything you post and comment on, that is now just auto follow when you create a topic. If you want to know when someone replies to to your topic, or when someone comments on a  topic you've posted to, you can change it at https://www.nzbees.net/notifications/options/


When someone quotes you - alerts now editable

When you are mentioned - this is staying as not editable


In terms of your followed content, you can see this under Manage Followed Content

Weekly digest for General Beekeeping - to help pull in those who may not visit regularly

Weekly digest for events calendar - as we've seen its a useful element.


This should end up as one DIGEST email a week . To ensure this is the case, the number of followed sections are currently limited to one and the community calendar. Once we are sure its working as intended, the other forums will be included. Your single email summary will look similar to these sections when the other forums, downloads and gallery are added.









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