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What are bees foraging on at present


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1 hour ago, yesbut said:

No but it definitely looks awfully like a variety of scale doesn't it. It doesn't bear any resemblance to photos I've seen of M. rust. 

It's not rust.

I googled it , this scale came up from karamea.

Still it defoliated a large rata last summer .

It has come back but lost a seasons flowering .

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3 hours ago, kaihoka said:

About 3 or 4 weeks it seems.

My bees all over them last year but ignoring them this year :(

3 or 4 weeks would be great, however we've been here for 2 weeks and they've been flowering the whole time without a single be on them - maybe the nectar on yours is still coming in?

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1 hour ago, John Russell said:

Our Macadamia nuts have been flowering about 3 weeks so far but it has only been the last few days the bees have been working them hard. When you get close you can smell the sweetness of the flowers that wasn't previously there. 


Bees were in mine today and I could smell them .

It seems the nectar flows when the scent is in the air .

It was not particularly warm.

But it was dry. I think if it rains to much the nectar is to dilute for bees to bother about .

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42 minutes ago, Stoney said:

Kamahi... earlier up by you kaihoka? 

Heading out west next week, check queen, make her space and box for kamahi 

love the coast

Kamahi in full flower on lots of trees and bees very busy in it .

Esp in this warm mindless weather .

Is it flowering further down the coast 

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