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On the 10th March 2017, NZ Beekeepers moved to new servers. You are now viewing the site on state of the art Virtual Private Servers, running the latest 64bit operating system, in readiness for the release of the next version of forum software.


The recent SSL implementation ensures your communications between your PC and the servers remain as secure as we can get them via https addresses. Your browser will indicate a secure connection by the use of the padlock in the address bar.


Over the next few weeks there will be some tweaking to enhance the server response times based on use and demand.


I've also taken into consideration recent feedback with regards to complicated access. Most of the tools we have put in place have been to help reduce blatant advertising as well as spammers and the like, but the net effect has been to make the experience over complicated for the average user.


Currently historical posts in announcements, help and advice and new to NZ bees forums have been cleared. Notices, advanced rule acceptance, marketplaces, bookmarks, link directory & shoutbox are turned off, while a period of consolidation takes place and replacements are considered that will carry forward to version 2.


Friday night's extended downtime was finally pinned down to a bug in the theme or skins that we used, which created a conflict with PHP7. As a result I'm part way through structuring a new theme and identifying bugs in look and feel.


If you logged in last night and are having issues logging in today, please ensure your browser caches is cleared of cookies.

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