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a cautionary tale of two islands


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I hate exercise and I have spent my whole life exercising. At 66 plus I still run 8km every morning.

I also try and control my diet. But I do have a very sweet tooth.

What do your knees think of an 8klm run each morning

Do you listen to music, I always thought running would be very boring .

Are you one of these morning people who get up at first light

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Yup falling down is easy but it takes me forever to get my bits back in place and hoist myself up again :(

Are you pulling our legs Frazzle?

Beeks, (me anyway) spend most of the day on their knees.

I get those iron on patches and put them on my suit knees so they dont wear through

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It was a good story , I reckon u should



Nope I don't kneel if I did I would never get up ! I sit on an empty bee box when inspecting hives or doing anything with them that takes more time than usual.

Since I only have 4 hives I just bend over and look

I suppose if you had 400 that would be a killer on your back


I listen to my walkman. I leave home at 6 am every weekday morning. I then have a shower, breakfast, bee forum, then bees by about 8.30 am

I am now feeling ashamed of my slothfull ways

Do you really still have a walkway, I have heard they are now getting quite trendy in retro shops

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I like slothful and slept until 8:45 this morning. Hosted my birthday party last night at my house, which now belongs to me alone. Twelve guests, great sit down at long table fully extended, great fun and talk. And finished at 10 PM as some young-uns had to get kids to school this morning.

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