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7/9/18 Colony update




The drawn empty frame I checkerboarded a week or so back has now been populated with eggs and newly hatched larvae, honey and pollen stored as well. There is lots of natural pollen coming in now and the bees have mostly left the pollen patties alone. 

As the colony grows there are a couple of older brood frames that will be cycled out to make way for new frames.


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2 hours ago, kaihoka said:

I see a mix of plastic and wood .

Do you have a preference.

I prefer wood and wax foundation. 

I bought 1000 plastics a few years ago I have probably the same amount in wood floating around too. Bees certainly like the wood and wax in the brood box. Either type work well so long as they are well prepared. Bees can wreck wax foundation pretty easily too.

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