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13/7/18 Progress report




Overcast afternoon. Venturing out to the back yard recovering from a migraine. 

Over the past month or so I have been feeding a couple of nucleus colonies 1:1 syrup with seaweed extract added. Also 1/3 of a Megabee premade patty.

Nucleus 1 has continued to increase the brood area and there is a continuous emerging of new Bees now, and in turn the population is noticeably getting larger to care for the corresponding increase in brood. I added 1 Apivar strip after adding some bees from a queenless colony that had missed the treatment round. A few dead varroa were noted on the floor of the nuc box.


Nucleus 2 has been treated the same way. This colony started the process with no brood. The colony is smaller than Nuc 1 however the queen started laying with the addition of 1:1 syrup and later pollen substitute was added. Brood area and newly emerged Bees have seen this colony also noticeably increase in size.


Both nucs have brood areas that, when emerged will start to have a significant impact on how the colony functions. They will be getting to a point of criticle mass and will continue to increase in numbers very quickly.


looking good so far -

Nuc 1



Nuc 2




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