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Progress 16/06/18




OK so a quick look in the nucs today. Overcast grey skies but relatively warm so lots of bees were out flying and good amounts of pollen on the returning bees. Colours ranged from vivid orange, yellow and a small amount of white.


Todays task was to add about 500ml - 1 litre of 1:1 syrup to each nuc feeder and have a look to see if brood rearing has increased.


Both nucs are chomping through the Megabee pattie and all the syrup add last week has on the whole been consumed with a small amount evident as freshly stored syrup in the empty comb.


#1 nuc has gone through nearly half of the pattie and the other nuc which has a smaller population is consuming it from underneath between the frames.

Surface area of brood in #1 nuc has doubled since last inspection. Nice fat larvae lying in plenty of feed. Fresh eggs obvious in cells as well. Even saw a fairly young Drone, perhaps with sufficient food available they are willing to care for a Drone or two.






Nuc #2 although it is a smaller population has suprised me with a brood area nearly quadrupled since last inspection. Lots of eggs and larvae ranging from 3 days to a week old.




Pretty pleased with how how this is tracking. Stimulating the queens to start laying more seems to have been a success, now we just need to maintain it.






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7 minutes ago, dansar said:

See if you can spot the varroa mites.??

At midday and 1 o'clock relative to yellow Q !

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8 minutes ago, M4tt said:

Might explain the shotgun brood .

So you need a mid winter treatment ? What’s your plan 

Shot gun brood is all sorted now, the initial problem was no pollen in the hive, zero, nada, zilch and that created all sorts of nutritional problems.  The natural pollen supply seems to be coming right now, with lots coming in daily. All of the uncapped cells now have brood in them.

The varroa came from a drone laying queen hive that I missed treatment completely in, doh! I think there was a reason for not treating as it was going to be combined with another hive, that didn’t happen and it got shaken in front of this nuc. Not an issue. I will drop in an Apivar strip tomorrow.

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